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EMG Electro hydraulic actuators

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Electrohydraulic EMG actuators Electrohydraulic EMG actuators convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and perform mechanical work during a specific section of the stroke. The proven versatility of the electrohydraulic thrusters EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® in different areas of operation has led to its widespread use in mining, steel, port and building industry applications. Electrohydraulic actuators EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® can be utilised in combination with different operating elements, for example in the following areas of application: -Lifting and lowering mechanisms  -Locking and unlocking by displacement of load-securing wedges or securing hooks -Lowering of the wipers on conveyor belts -Valve actuators on hydraulic presses

EMG ESZ Electro-Servo Cylinder

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EMG ESZ Electro-Servo-Cylinder The Electro-Servo-Cylinder developed by EMG is used as a control and positioning cylinder. It converts by means of a Planetary Gear Thread (PGT) the rotation generated by a threephase current motor into a linear movement. The function principle is based on a rolling motion at low friction and consequently low wear.   The standard model of the Electro-Servo-Cylinder consists of the following components:
  • threephase asynchronous motor
  • spindle with planetary gear thread, thrust housing and piston rod with knuckle
  • rotating lock of piston rod
  • housing with pivot

HKAL EMG hydraulic cylinder

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HKAL Hydraulic Compact Actuator Linear With the Hydraulic Compact Actuator Linear (short: HKAL), EMG has come up with a new actuator unit combining tradition and innovation. Its great adaptability as well as its rugged technical design and economic efficiency allow HKAL to be used in a broad range of industrial applications including:
  • mining and conveyor technology
  • mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • power plant engineering
  • valve engineering
  • hydraulic steel constructions
  • renewable energy (solar energy, water energy, etc.)