SIBRE – Siegerland Bremsen is a industrial brake systems and drive components manufacturer for heavy duty industries including ports, steel mills, mining and regenerative energies.

SIBRE team heavily focuses on the safety of their products, creating and developing the safest environment possible for our customers. Carefully working with industrial leaders and collecting feedback SIBRE has managed to create reliable components and keeps innovating new industrial solutions that fits the customer’s specifications.

Consistent quality standards are necessary for high-performance, dependable brake systems and driving components. Both individual components and fully built systems are tested in our internal development and simulation lab. We concentrate on checking, reaction times, material qualities, and dimensional accuracy in addition to function and load modeling.

Couplings (19)

Customized solutions (1)

Active rotor brakes (7)

Active yaw brakes (5)

Backstops (1)

Controls for conveyor systems (1)

Storm brakes & Rail clamp (5)

Crane buffers (1)

Crane wheels (1)

Electro-mechanical brakes (1)

Fail-safe rotor brakes (3)

Hydraulic power units (5)

Rotor locks (2)

Safety brakes (4)

Service brakes (13)

SIBRE status monitoring (1)

SLP snag load protection (2)