Keeping a stock of the most important spare and wearing parts is an important prerequisite for ensuring the brake system always remains fully operational. In case of need of spare parts contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.

Our solutions for braking and drive components, including accessories, are coordinated, comprehensive product lines that we already design at the planning stage with a view to subsequent installation, commissioning, maintenance and customer training.

When ordering spare parts, please advise:
On the type plate you can find all needed information about a product, for an exact allocation of the product, are indicated. The type plate of the product usually is mounted at the product body, which is in a very visible place.
The following information are indicated on the type plate:

  • Product type
  • Data sheet number
  • Braking torque range
  • Commission number/ brake number
  • Friction coefficient
  • Production year
  • In case of service or spare part ordering please advise these data.

To provide you with the best possible service, please contact us by e-mail or complete the contact form. We will process your request immediately.

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